Our rooms

Imagine a tornado of catastrophic proportions.

And now picture the following reconstruction, inch by inch.

The only difference is that instead of Mother Nature, this source of this fury was Mirko himself. The rooms of Casello 68 are the result of months of labor, voyages, sweat, and headaches … but in the end, the rooms have turned out exactly the way we wanted. Brand new and handcrafted with contemporary comforts like USB jacks and smart TV.

There’s also air conditioning, a refrigerator, hot-water kettle, and hairdryer. Oh … and wine glasses and a corkscrew, obviously.

Wake up well with the buongiorno breakfast basket that we will leave at your door, including focaccia, pastries, and drinks.

Casello 68 also has parking for our guest, but please contact us before.

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